For gifts that are really unique...

What do we offer?


a range of sizes available – our canvas offering come in 2 options:

  • Standard – printed in full colour and stretched onto an 18mm wooden frame, using water and UV resistant latex inks.
  • Premium – printed in full colour and stretched onto an 38mm wooden frame, using water and UV resistant latex inks.


Any photo, image or text digitally printed onto a mousemat.


A unique gift for any occasion, printed with any photo, text, image or logo.


Your favourite photo or saying made into a keyring, we have fabulous heart shaped decorative metal, oblong metal, or oblong plastic.


Your favourite photo placed in a paperweight for all to see!


A round pendant with your photo printed on to it, comes complete with chain – dogtag style also available.


Your favourite photo, image, logo or saying can be applied to coasters –

  • we have plastic
  • glass, heat resistant coasters, square in shape
  • cork backed, square in shape
  • glittering gel, square in shape

Hanging Plaques

Fabulous for your favourite picture or saying printed on to metal and mounted on a white wooden plaque, hangs on a wall.  Range of sizes available.

Hanging metal hearts

Great for displaying your favourite picture, comes complete with ribbon to hang on the wall.  Rectangular is also available.


Your favourite picture or image in glass, heat resistant placemats, makes stunning table decorations.


Luxury silk feel cushions, printed with your favourite photo, image or text. Glittery sequin cushions also available for your message.


Cotton/polyester pillow cases digitally printed with your photo or message.

Fridge magnets

Display your favourite photo, image, message or saying.

Teddy bears

3 sizes available – small, medium or large. We use Mumbles bears which are suitable for all ages, wearing a t-shirt printed with your favourite photo, image or text.


Satin sashes printed with your message or logo – for all occasions, available in various colours


Wear your favourite picture or slogan on your chest.  Range of sizes available.

Baseball caps

Choose from our large selection of styles and colours, print your message or name to the front.

Hoodies or Zoodies

Where your favourite slogan or club name on a warm, cosy hoodie or zoodie.  Range of sizes/colours available.

Money Boxes

A great way to inspire you to save for your favourite item.  Remind yourself of why you want to save with a message or picture applied to metal on the front of the box.

T-Light Holders

A great way to light up your memories.  Have your picture or message printed to metal and applied to the front.

Memory/Keepsafe boxes

A fabulous way to keep all your memory items such as photos, trinketts, souvenirs safely in one place.  Add a special message or photo to the top of the box.